COOLING  We offer A/C, Heat Pump, Geothermal, Mini-Split Repair Service & Installation

AC repair

It doesn't have to be a headache. Sure, you’re probably not in your happiest moment when you need us, but rest assured, we’re here to take care of any AC repair issue that arrives. We’re certified to service all brands of air conditioners, so you know you’ll be getting the finest AC repair available. And with a written 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

New Air Conditioners
The time has come to finally take the next step to updating your home’s or business's air conditioner. Upgrading your current system is actually more affordable than you may think, so why wait? We’ve made it easy for you to schedule a FREE estimate too. just contact us and we’ll work with you to make your home or business cool, energy efficient, and the most comfortable it has ever been.

HEATING  WE offer Service and Installation of Gas Furnace, Heat Pumps, Geothermal, Electric, and Mini-Split sources of heating equipment.

Heating Installation

The heating capacity  is measured in thousands of BTU (British Thermal Units). Heating equipment comes in a wide range of BTU capacities, with different sizes designed for different applications. Residential gas furnaces range from 40,000 BTUs to 140,000 BTUs. Having the properly sized BTU heating equipment is crucial to efficiency and comfort in your home. 
Our team will quickly install a brand new system that is right for you at a competitive price.

Heating Repair

Energy-Star technicians use their experience and training to diagnose and repair heating euipment from all eras, brands, and styles. Call us today to schedule a service call that is convenient for you, and we’ll get your heating system up and running promptly.


Geothermal heating/cooling systems operate via sub-surface conductive heat transfer, using the naturally renewable temperature of the earth's crust as a heat source in the winter, and as a heat sink in the summer.  Geothermal technology gets a 30% tax credit from the IRS on a home geothermal installation.

Cooling Mode Operation

In the cooling mode, the hot refrigerant (well over 100 degrees F) exiting ETA's compressor is sent directly into the approximate 50 to 60 degree F range deep earth, which now absorbs and takes the heat away. The cooled refrigerant fluid is then circulated through the air handler where it absorbs and removes unwanted heat from the interior air. The heated refrigerant travels to the ETA system's compressor unit where the process is repeated. Thus, in the cooling mode, the ground removes your heat for free.

Heating Mode Operation

In the heating mode, approximate 50 to 60 degree F range naturally occurring heat from deep within the earth travels to, and is absorbed by, a much colder refrigerant fluid that is circulated within the copper tubing inside a deep well/borehole. Such naturally occurring heat is transported by the refrigerant fluid to the system's compressor where the fluid is compressed, thereby raising its pressure and temperature, transforming the 55 degree F temperature into a temperature well over 100 degrees F. The hot refrigerant is then circulated through the finned tubing within an air handler, where the cold return interior air absorbs the heat. The heated air is supplied, via a fan, to the interior air space. With the heat now removed from the refrigerant fluid, it becomes very cold and is re-circulated into the ground to absorb more naturally occurring and renewable heat. Thus, the ground supplies your heat for free.

Commercial Service

Innovative Mechanical's commercial specialists repair, install and maintain all brands of HVAC systems and equipment for all sizes of businesses in the metro and greater Atlanta areas. Innovative Mechanical offers the most comprehensive commercial HVAC service programs in the industry; also specializing in preventative maintenance solutions to keep your building's systems operating efficiently.

We can replace or upgrade your building's equipment to optimize the facility performance ensuring optimal performance from your equipment. Whether you have one building or multiple sites, Innovative Mechanical can assess your facility's energy needs and can recommend, install, and service a wide array of energy-saving solutions with trained commercial technicians available 24-hours a day, every day. 

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